New name, who dis?

If you’ve landed on this blog post, then you already see that the (now former) Explore a Slice of Earth experienced its first growing pain, and with that, came a name change - ArtBeat of Earth. We are still the same great organization with the same heartfelt mission selling the same unique art - just all under a new and shiny name that better combines our products with our cause. (And less syllables. Amen to that.)

Just as a mother is less likely to acknowledge quirks about her own child, I really didn’t want to acknowledge the oddity in my organization’s name. But I woke up one morning a few months ago and thought, “Huh. As much as I want this org to be all about exploring the planet, we don’t sell slices of earth to fund such adventures. We sell...... art.” I decided in that moment that some rebranding was needed. Weeks of fruitless brainstorming ensued, and the name finally hit me whilst I was deep in a meditation one afternoon with 432Hz music set in the background. 

432Hz. The frequency that is touted as the heartbeat of Earth. 

The letters   h e a r t b e a t   played around in my head during that meditation, then they slowly came together to form the word ArtBeat in a very particular font that I am still searching for, and voilà. That’s how a new name is birthed. 

The legal forms have been filed and 99% of my little corner of the internet has been updated accordingly, and now I am on to the next step: creating a new logo. I will be posting logo brainstorms and progress on the instagram account @artbeatofearth so come and follow along and give some input if you’d like! 

You know... as scary as change is, this change feels goooood. Scarily good. 


And in completely non-related news, the community kayak fleet is well under way and free kayak day will be happening this summer, thanks to everyone who has supported the org thus far! I am beyond excited to share an official update on this later this week.